Protectair Nagelpilz

Toenails; Problems And Solutions A pedicure does not only make your toenails look nice and painted in some cool color, but a pedicure actually helps your toenails grow properly. Some people simply have stubborn toenails, and when their toenails begin to grow, they tend to change direction and go deep into the flesh instead of growing straight forward. The toenails cut deep into the tissue, causing so much pain, bacteria, and fungus presence as well. This area is swollen, it can bleed, it needs to be drained and sanitized. You can use the treatment called protectair nagelpilz, and get rid of ingrown toenails and fungus, and finally, get rid of the pain. So, how does one process looks like? Do not be discouraged if it takes more than one treatment because that is completely normal. First, you need to get the pedicure by a professional, who will clean the infected area, and get rid of the toenail as much as possible. Afterward, the dermatologist will give you special cream with antibiotics that you need to apply every evening. Apart from that, you should soak your feet in really hot water to soften the tissue. When tissue is soft, it will absorb cream better. After a while, you need to repeat the pedicure, and then, if you are lucky enough, the technician will be able to completely remove dead skin, infected nail, and leave you with a clean slate. The ultimate solution would be getting rid of the infected nail completely, where the surgeon actually performs surgery and cuts everything that is infected. Of course, after six months, you will have your new nail completely grown!