Carlucci GlassWorks

Unique Gift Idea Finding that perfect gift is not really an easy task. Especially if you are looking to buy something for your friend or partner whom you know for a very long time now. So, here are several tips that will be of great use when it comes to buying a gift. Start with something small, and then upgrade that idea as you go. Make sure that gift has sentimental value, yet it should also be useful in some way, shape, or form. And listen to your friends and partner closely, oftentimes you find an answer when listening to their needs and requirements! Carlucci GlassWorks offers unique items made of glass that you’ve never seen before, and these items can be used as decoration or you can find them an actual purpose! There is something so elegant about glass that comes in different shapes and sizes. Just take a look at some colorful vase – it seems like every single detail is hand-painted, yet all these details are just fractions of glass, carefully melted to create specific shapes. All these items are custom-made, and if you come with an idea, we can use that idea and turn that idea into a project. The glass is being manipulated at the temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees, and while it is in this hot state, we can literally create any shape! If you like our work, but you do not have any special request, then you can take a look at the already existing offer and pick an item of your liking. By popular demand, we have this amazing vase that is always in our offer, and we can change the colors of it, or sell you the original if you prefer it like that!