Safely Paying Online With BlueSnap

ECommerce Made Simpler With BlueSnap

In the world of eCommerce, there are a lot of companies, and they rely on payment solutions. There are many solutions, some well known, others not so much, which leads to companies having to use different ones to achieve the results the want. This isn’t exactly ideal, and it can cost companies time, money, and potentially sales. There’s a better option in the form of BlueSnap, which can take care of a company’s needs on multiple fronts.

BlueSnap is an all in one payment platform that offers companies the ability to streamline their eCommerce actions, which will reduce their operating costs and increase their overall sales. Rather than being locked to specific platforms, BlueSnap makes it possible to use multiple platforms, mobile wallets, and payment types from various locations.

A variety of products are available under BlueSnap that make eCommerce easier. BlueSnap can be used with online and mobile checkouts seamlessly, with subscriptions, invoices, virtual terminals like phone and email, marketplaces, integrated payments, POS payments, and unified sales channels.


BlueSnap isn’t just limited to one part of the world, as merchants in 180 countries can use the platform, with support for 29 languages and 100 currencies. Companies can migrate existing shopper data over to the platform, eliminating the need to recollect the data and build records from scratch. Integration can be done quickly with hosted pages, and API integration can be done in a few hours, depending on the developer.

Security is a top priority for the platform, as it’s PCI compliant, supports charge backs and disputes, and has fraud prevention services through a partnership with Kount. Pricing form BlueSnap is competitive, and for the first year of use, there is no monthly maintenance fee.

Given how useful BlueSnap is, any company who does eCommerce in some fashion would benefit from using the platform.